St Margaret´s Curriculum Policy

We believe at St Margaret´s that the curriculum within the school should offer many characteristics:

  • The curriculum should be broad, balanced and stimulating.
  • The curriculum should be taught using a variety of teaching and learning styles in order for all pupils to have the opportunity to learn appropriately.
  • The curriculum should ensure that all children have equality of access regardless of ethnicity, gender or ability.
  • The curriculum should ensure progression enabling pupils to achieve high standards.
  • The curriculum should be clearly planned as appropriate to pupils age and needs.
  • The curriculum should be supported by a range of effective resources that have been selected using best value principles.
  • The curriculum should be regularly evaluated to ensure that it remains current and up to date.
  • The curriculum should be supported by a range of documents with the National Curriculum and National Strategies as core documents on which to build.
  • The curriculum should enable subjects to support each other in using cross-curricular opportunities.
  • The curriculum should be supported through learning outside the classroom and external visits are encouraged.
  • The curriculum is reviewed regularly by the curriculum committee and the link curriculum governors.
  • The curriculum is supported by a stimulating and well presented classroom environment providing scaffolding and clear objectives.
Curriculum Map (overview)

EYFS Parents Guide Document

FS Curriculum Map Cycle 1 2016-17

FS Curriculum Map Cycle 2 2015-16

Key Stage 1 Curriculum

Key Stage 2 Curriculum (years 3 & 4)

Key Stage 2 Curriculum (years 5 & 6)

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