Our School

The school was founded in 1649 and the present building was opened in 1968. The original one form entry school was extended to a two form entry school in 1994 to enable additional pupils to access the opportunities offered by the school.

The school has its own Foundation Stage(Nursery) and the school is able to offer high standards of educational provision to 470 pupils. Over the years many facilities in the school have improved as a part of the school's determination to provide an excellent Christian based education within a stimulating and creative environment.

The Governors are responsible for providing and maintaining the building, and for implementing the National Curriculum.

The day to day organisation of the school is in the hands of the Head Teacher, with guidance from the academy and the Diocesan Educational Committee.

Our mission statement is based upon Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

St Margaret’s C of E Primary School Mission Statement:

“Training children to be confident, independent learners with enquiring minds, a life-long love of learning and an approach to life that reflects core biblical values and principles.”

Key elements in achieving this are:

  1. Seeking to be a School where worship, prayer and the Bible are central to everything we do and where we deliberately attempt to link the gospel of Christ with the daily life of the School.
  2. Enabling each child to learn and develop skills and knowledge, across the curriculum, centred on the Christian Faith, in order to achieve their full potential and encourage enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
  3. Employing high quality teachers who are committed to excellence and are in full sympathy with the Christian Faith.
  4. Ensuring excellence in governance, leadership and management of the School and its resources.
  5. Ensuring high quality learning support and administrative staff who are committed to excellence and are in full sympathy with the Christian Faith.
  6. Ensuring pupils understand and value the importance of education; that they have the opportunity to enquire, ask questions, think for themselves and learn from any mistakes.
  7. Have confidence in themselves both as a learner and as a child of Christ.
  8. Maintaining and developing our buildings and resources to the highest possible standard.
  9. Developing excellence in parental and local community involvement.

Values: How do we do things?

St Margaret’s is a school with a living connection with the local faith and wider community. As a church school, we have always sought to express our Christian ethos in practical ways that make a difference.

Although there is a diversity of belief and emphasis within our existing school community, we do ask that everyone at St Margaret’s understands our values and endeavours to join us in living them out, whatever their particular task or role. By values we mean descriptions of the way in which we hope every member of the school, adults and children, will conduct themselves through life. In short they answer the question: how do we do things round here?

Our values are: Values - love, joy, patience, kindness and self control.

These values are intended to include every interaction in school life, not just something adults do to children. Everyone has a role in modelling, showing and sharing them. They also form the way in which we hope all our policies and procedures will be applied to situations as they arise.