School Council

Led by Mr Haque

School Council Aims:

  • To give pupils the opportunity to innovate and create ideas to enhance their environment and provision.
  • To enable pupils to propose trips/workshops other ways to enrich learning at St. Margaret’s.
  • To enable pupils to be part of enterprising at St. Margaret’s, such as Eco School projects and community based outreach projects.
  • School council members :


School Council Members:

Year 1 – Mateo & Aayah

Year 2 –  Suhana & Valentina

Year 3 –  Mary & Gagandeep

Year 4 –  Naima & Kamal

Year 5 –  Kingsley & Neala

Year 6 –  Eshika & Jada



Parents Consultation Evenings

Tuesday 26th March 2024 and Wednesday 27th March 2024

This will go live until Monday 19th February 2024

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