Curriculum Overviews

At St Margaret’s, our curriculum ensures excellent coverage of the National Curriculum (Years 1-6) and Foundation Stage Early Years Curriculum (Reception Children).  We have fully embraced the higher expectations set out in both curriculums and have devised our own units of work for each subject area so that we can ensure a sound progression of learning. We also have a core team of specialist teachers who are passionate about their curriculum area; these teachers work with different groups of children each year. Our team includes PE, music, art and computing specialists.

Our Reception pupils learn both indoors and outdoors, experiencing a range of adult led and child initiated activities.  We value and incorporate the children’s interests as they develop.  As children approach their final half term of reception, they start to prepare for their transition to year 1 and begin to experience key stage 1 learning.  In Years 1-6, we ensure that this ‘active’ and ‘engaging’ learning continues, with teachers maximising opportunities for talk time, active, visual, audio learning and the use of the outdoors.  At all times, we focus on learning being challenging, engaging and enjoyable.

At St Margaret’s, we believe that children learns best when they are excited about their learning; for this reason, we teach a themed approach where possible.  Through making strong links across curriculum areas, children begin to make connections and the learning experience is much richer.

In addition to everyday teaching, we have a range of learning opportunities that further enhance the curriculum.  We arrange workshops both within and outside of school so that children get to learn in different ways.  Workshops children have enjoyed include a chocolate workshop for a unit of work about the Mayans and a great fire of London workshop.  Children also visit a range of museums, galleries and centres of learning where they will often take part in workshops led by the staff at the venue e.g. the Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum and Suntrap to name but a few.

The learning experience we provide is completed with the knowledge that each child is unique and special.  As a Church of England Primary School, we place our Christian values at the heart of everything that we do; we live our values.  Assemblies take place each week where children learn from the stories in the Bible.  Each week, we focus one of our Christian Values.  We also attend Church each half term.  Each day we aim to fulfil our mission statement: ‘Educating for Life’ by encouraging the whole development of each and every child as a person made in God’s image and deeply loved by their Maker.

If you would like further information on our school curriculum please contact the School Office.

Below are the Yearly Curriculum Overviews for each year group. Please scroll through the overviews below by clicking the arrows at the bottom:


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EYFS  – Curriculum Map


Curriculum Policy – St Margaret’s




Year 1 Religious Education- Programme of Study

Year 2-Religious-Education-Programme-of-Study

Year 3-Religious-Education-Programme-of-Study

Year 4-Religious-Education-Programme-of-Study

Year 5-Religious-Education-Programme-of-Study

Year 6-Religious-Education-Programme-of-Study






Learning Pathways

Reading – Curriculum Pathway

Writing – Curriculum Pathway

Mathematics – Curriculum Pathway

Science – Curriculum Pathway

Handwriting Progression – Curriculum Pathway

PSHE – Curriculum Pathway

Music – Curriculum Pathway

RE – Curriculum Pathway

PE – Curriculum Pathway

History – Curriculum Pathway

Geography – Curriculum Pathway

Computing – Curriculum Pathway

Art/DT – Curriculum Pathway

French – Curriculum Pathway